Toddler Classes

Are you looking for a great place in the Leonia, NJ area for your child to grow and learn? Contact us at Renaissance Village LLC to learn more about our toddler classes. These classes are geared toward young children and help them to develop the skills which will teach them excellent hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, body awareness, and more. It will give them a firm grounding in excellent social skills and encourage their inquisitive minds to continue to develop a love of learning. Children naturally love to learn and are inquisitive. Our exercises help them to learn and develop through fun exercises with everyday household tools. The child learns and enjoys various experiences from our Montessori educators including how to identify various emotions in themselves and others. Children in this program take a giant leap in their understanding of the world around them. For folks in the Edgewater, Hackensack, Newark, and Leonia, NJ communities who are looking for a unique experience for their young children, give us a call today!

Your young child has an excited and anxious mind and is excited about learning the world around him or her. We use tested programs which enable young children to learn and develop important skills through exciting and familiar activities. If you have been looking for a great way to socialize and engage a toddler, the toddler classes at Renaissance Village LLC are a wonderful and unique way to go. 

Young children love our classes. It teaches them self-confidence and to learn from their everyday experiences. If you would like to give your child this opportunity, contact us today for enrollment information. If you would like to learn more about our school and all we have to offer, visit our website for more information. It’s at Let us discuss your child’s education!